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A few days ago, I went through the drive-through of one of my favorite coffee shops. On the outdoor menu, a taped, hand-written sign that read: Please be kind. We are extremely short-staffed. Thank you.”

This request hit me hard. Why? Kindness had to be requested.

We understand that not everyone will be kind, even if it is “kingly” requested. However, you and I can choose this most wonderful behavior. Just as we can choose condescension, we can choose kindness.

Can you imagine what a day of kindness would do for our world? What about in your world? What if you and I were to choose kindness today – even if that meant we must face being uncomfortable? What if choosing kindness means swallowing your pride?

The scripture teaches us that kindness is the fruit of the spirit. (Galatians 5). So, just like any other fruit, it can be nurtured and grow so that others may enjoy it.

Are you having a difficult time being kind to others? What about being kind to yourself?

The possibility of us having to post signs that request kindness could greatly diminish when we learn to offer simple kindness.

Maybe it’s time to process some of that. We would love to walk with you through that process. So connect with us, and let’s work toward growing kindness in ourselves and ultimately in this world. You can reach us at 615-591-5262.

Blog written by Master’s Level Intern, Matt Wade

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