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The first step one takes at Refuge is called an “intake appointment” This hour-long chat with an intake specialist helps us get to know you better, understand your goals, and match you with the right therapist. We’ll also determine your sliding scale fee, ranging from $25 to $125 per session. To secure your appointment, please provide financial documents like your latest tax return, a W-2, or three recent paystubs (or proof of no income). Your intake session is 1 hour long and the same amount as determined by your sliding scale fee.  After this, we’ll use your info to find the perfect counselor for your needs and schedule.

Before calling to schedule, have this ready:

  • Names and DOB for all counseling seekers
  • Counseling type (individual, couples, child, family)
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Scheduling preference (telehealth or in-person)
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We want people to feel Seen, Safe, Secure, and Soothed.

We get it. Admitting you need help can be scary, going to a place you’ve never been before to receive that help can be even scarier. Taken from Dr. Daniel Siegel’s “4 S’s of attachment”: We want people to feel Seen, Safe, Secure, and Soothed. It is our goal that that starts right from when you enter our building. If you are coming for an in-person appointment, then we have done as much as we can to make you not just “feel” comfortable. but to actually be comfortable.

Counseling session at the Refuge Center

We know that counseling can be scary, that is why we take such great care in explaining every single detail. Here is some info on the 3 steps you go through, from picking up the phone for the first time, seeing an intake specialist, and getting matched with a Therapist.

Step 1
Curious about our intake process? Chelese, one of our Front Desk Administrative Assistants (and very possibly the first person you’ll meet at Refuge) breaks down her role and shares what happens when you pick up the phone to get started on the journey towards healing.

Step 2
The next step is to schedule an intake appointment with one of our intake specialists. There you will talk with them about the presenting issues  you are facing and what you are looking for out of counseling. You will also find your sliding scale at this time. It typically is a 50 minute appointment and will cost the same as your sliding scale rate for counseling. 

Step 3
After the initial intake appointment, another Front Desk Administrative Assistant will match you up with an available counselor based on what you are looking for and will follow up with you on the time and date of your first appointment.

Our Waiting Rooms

Our waiting room(s) is where you will first experience Refuge and we have gone to great lengths to make sure it is good first impression. With dim lighting, calm and peaceful music, magazines, coloring books, Refuge resources, and toys and books for children, we have taken steps to put you at ease from the get-go. Our Hospitality and Office Manager, plays a huge role in this and will likely be one of the first people you encounter.


We get the same questions a lot (and very valid ones at that!) We went ahead and answered some for you. If you have any more that can’t be found in our “FAQ’s” section, give us a call or email us at [email protected]!

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Quality of place is important, and we take great pride in the fact that our facilities reflect the excellence we put into our work. We want our clients to feel comfortable and at home in our offices. Below you will find images of what a typical “Refuge” office looks like.

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