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Over 70 Staff Therapists, Contract Therapists, Post-Master’s Volunteers, and Master’s Level Interns call The Refuge Center home and each one is passionate about seeing mental and emotional transformation happen in the lives of their clients.


Building Refuge

In order for anything to grow, it must be firmly planted.

Your support will help us serve a significantly larger portion of our community, including over half who are children and teens. We aim to assist 5,000 clients with 40,000 counseling sessions in this new location, collaborating with nonprofit partners across Middle Tennessee and beyond. Imagine the life-changing impact on individuals, couples, children, and families in our community.

The Refuge Center’s 15,200 square foot facility and campus will embody our culture of compassionate care. This facility will feature dedicated spaces like an outdoor prayer chapel, serene walking trails, a healing garden and prayer labyrinth, playground for children, and a spacious multi-purpose room for seminars and group activities.

Building Refuge

The Refuge Center New Office Building

Client Story

“Everyone is compassionate and friendly. Staff and counselors are quick to make people feel welcome and comfortable. If you are ready to make positive changes in your life and are looking forward to a more satisfying life, then the counselors at The Refuge Center are ready to be your guide.”

– Client, Female


“I love The Refuge Center because I am celebrated for showing up as my authentic self and am invited to grow in that authentic space.”

– Keith Hays (Master’s Level Intern)

Client Story

“Our daughter was having a difficult time processing her emotions and was frequently upset and lashing out verbally and sometimes physically at home. We reached out to the Refuge when she was about half-way through Kindergarten and we are so glad we didn’t wait. She’s made so much progress in a year and a half! We have our little girl back, and she’s so much happier and much better able to cope with daily emotions.”

– Female, 43(7-year old patient’s mom)

Client Story

“After years of searching, Refuge paired me with the first therapist that’s been a good fit for me since I moved to Nashville. They asked thorough questions during my intake session and I felt confident in the care I would receive here at Refuge. I found healing and hope for the well-being of my mental health. It has been the lifeline that I’ve been searching for and I’m so glad I gave it a chance so I can finally start healing and living instead of just surviving.”

– Female, 27


“It makes me happy when I see my counselor.”

– Female, 7


“The thing I like most about my counselor is she’s always there. If I had a bad day or something, I can just tell her and she makes me feel better.”

– Female, 9


“I financially support The Refuge Center because I believe in the mission, vision and values of the organization.”

– Nathan Zipper (Board Member)


“I’ve always struggled with depression and feeling like a black sheep who didn’t belong. I’ve always been told that my problems are mine alone to deal with and no one is supposed to help me. The combination of all those things have been suffocating at times. The Refuge Center and Savannah have taught me how to recognize the balance of doing things alone and asking for help. My time has reminded me of how strong I am, it’s easy to forget when you’ve got your head down and trudging forward. I’m looking forward to learning more about developing more balance and vulnerability in my life.”

– Female, 30


“My therapist has helped me so much to learn how to not stress over things that I can’t control. Be slower to anger, mend my relationship with my dad and walk through grieving relationships with me. I feel like she has set me up for a success to take a break from The Refuge Center. I feel like I have grown so much since July, major thanks to her.”

– Female, 20

client story

“This place has really helped me improve and made me not worry as much as I used to.”

– Male, 10

Staff Story

“What I love most about Refuge is that every person here TRULY and SINCERELY wants every other person here to reach their own full potential and to be successful and fulfilled.”

– Nora Balint, Staff Therapist, LPC-MHSP

Staff Story

“I love The Refuge Center because of how it cares for its staff – working in the field of mental health is challenging, and having the support and compassion of supervisors has been so healing for me.”

– Kaity Campbell (Intake Specialist)


“My wife and I donate because we believe in our hearts that “The Refuge Center” is on the front line in the battle to save souls from depression, addictions, bullying, abusive relations, etc.   The current conditions in our Country have many people thinking suicide may be the answer to their pain, because things look so hopeless to them. The Refuge Center can be their “Lifeline/Refuge” that enables them to return to “Safe Harbor.”

– Steve and Julie Abernathy


“Sometimes life breaks apart your identity. Therapy has given me a tether to my self. That’s why I support Refuge. They are helping to create lifelines to the hearts of hurting people.”

– Shelby Rawson (Donor and Partnership Council Member)


“We have been supporters and donors to The Refuge Center for more than 15 years. Why you might ask?  Because mental health and mental well-being are frequently pushed to the back of our crazy lives until there is a crisis. Wouldn’t it be great if we could address these issues before they become potential catastrophes? That is why we support The Refuge Center in their operations and in their capital campaign. Being able to offer counseling services through Refuge’s sliding fee scale makes it possible for Families and individuals to receive the care necessary to live a full and meaningful life. Having a facility like our Long Lane location, allows Refuge to provide more care through gardens, trails and places to reflect and heal. I assure you, your support in helping us reach this goal and continue this mission is appreciated and will be used wisely.”

– Carl Roberts

Staff Story

“I love Refuge because we have a heart for hurting people and because we care about those who do that work.”

– Anita Pringle, Clinical Director

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