Our Partners

Amen Clinics

Founded by Dr. Daniel Amen, MD, The Amen Clinic is an employee-owned company with a mission to end mental health by creating a revolution in brain health. Through Dr. Amen’s Change Your Brain Foundation, The Refuge Center is an exclusive partner in an upcoming scholarship-based initiative fundraiser taking place in 2024 called  Melodies for Mind where participants will receive brain scans and SPECT treatment at the Amen Clinic and then attend counseling sessions at The Refuge Center.


Banebow logo


Sonya and Drayson Beasley are the founders of Banebow. In 2010 they lost their precious son, Bane and started this agency in his honor. Banebow seeks to provide mental, physical, financial, and spiritual assistance to families who have sustained the loss of a child. Sonya is an LCSW and as part of their ministry, they offer free counseling services to families who have lost a child. Their agency strives to meet the physical needs of grief-stricken parents until the emotional needs can be reached. The Refuge Center provides office space several hours a week for families seeking their assistance.


Bridges Domestic Violence Center Logo

Bridges Domestic Violence Center

Therapists from The Refuge Center for Counseling provide group and individual counseling services for clients of Bridges Domestic Violence Center in Franklin, TN. Bridges serves women, men and children affected by domestic violence, ensuring a safe transition to successful independent living.


Cereset Nashville

Cereset is a brain wellness technology that supports the brain’s neuroplasticity. Cereset supports the brain’s recovery of its own natural ability to reset and rebalance itself, a flexibility associated neuroplasticity. Clients experience calming of autonomic nervous system activation, deactivation of triggers, and report benefits such as improved sleep, mood stability, energy levels, clarity/thinking ability, and ability to regulate stress. The Katartizo Foundation is partnering with Refuge Center to provide a subsidized Cereset wellness series to Refuge Center clients for whom affordability may be a barrier.


Change Your Brain Foundation Logo

Change Your Brain Foundation

Established in 2008 by Daniel Amen MD, the foundation supports cutting-edge brain-imaging research, brain health educational programs, and funding for treatment for people in need. Through Dr. Amen’s Change Your Brain Foundation, The Refuge Center is an exclusive partner in an upcoming scholarship-based initiative fundraiser taking place in 2024 called  Melodies for Minds.


Healing Housing Logo

Healing Housing

Healing Housing is Williamson County’s first and only nonprofit sober living community for women healing from alcohol and drug addiction. Located in Franklin, TN and opened in early 2017, its two homes provide a supportive, affordable residential recovery environment for up to twelve residents for a minimum of six months. During the program, participants have access to healthcare, financial literacy training and employment. As part of its mission to provide services which support lifelong recovery, Healing Housing partners with The Refuge Center to provide ongoing counseling services to all program participants.


Hope Family Health Logo

HOPE Family Health

HOPE Family Health seeks to improve access to medical and mental healthcare in rural Middle Tennessee, with an emphasis on vulnerable populations such as the uninsured, under-insured, poor, homeless, children, migrant workers, and those addicted to substances. They seek to restore dignity, faith, HOPE, and health in those we serve by making them partners in the healing process and providing them with loving, compassionate care. A Refuge Center therapist provides regular counseling services to their staff.


Justice & Mercy International Logo

Justice and Mercy International

Justice & Mercy International (JMI) is a faith-based, non-profit organization that exists to make justice personal for the poor, the orphaned and the forgotten of the world. JMI primarily works in Moldova in Eastern Europe and in the Amazon region of Brazil and we do our work through programs that have the Good News of Jesus at their core. The Refuge Center is providing emotional support for indigenous jungle pastors and their wives as they attend a Pastor’s Conference and also trauma care for orphans in the Moldova transitional living facilities.


The Katartizo Foundation

The Katartizo Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to see wholeness of body, soul, and spirit spreading throughout individuals, communities, and the world. Katartizo believes that if healing is not wholistic, it is not realistic. Knowing that our mind, body, and emotions are closely related, and what affects one dimension of our being will flow over into the others, one arm of their three-pronged mission is to support the emotional and spiritual recovery and resilience of individuals who have suffered under stress, trauma, lack, and loss. The Katartizo Foundation in collaboration with Cereset Nashville is partnering with the Refuge Center to provide Refuge clients with a sponsored subsidy in order to meet the mental and emotional needs of Refuge clients through the Cereset brain wellness protocol.


Path United Logo

Path United

Path United exists to empower children growing up in at-risk mobile home parks to find their path to high school graduation and God’s plan for their future! With a location in Franklin Estates, in Franklin, TN Path United receives family vouchers for sessions and group counseling for middle school boys from The Refuge Center.


Williamson Health

Williamson Medical Center (WMC), part of the Williamson Health regional healthcare system, is a 200+ bed acute care hospital offering a variety of services including (but not limited to) extensive women’s services, state-of-the-art cardiology services, advanced surgical technologies, an award-winning obstetrics and NICU, leading-edge orthopaedics, outpatient imaging services, and comprehensive emergency and inpatient services for both adult and pediatric patients.

While WMC is not a mental health treatment facility, its commitment to provide high-quality and compassionate care to each of its patients is unwavering.  In recent years, the Williamson Medical Center emergency rooms have seen an influx of individuals coming in for medical care who are simultaneously experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse crises. As such, Williamson Health is working closely with The Refuge Center as one of its proactive measures to provide the best possible care to patients in the midst of mental health challenges.


DUI Court Logo

Williamson County DUI Court

Offers treatment, supervision, and support for offenders who have been charged with a second or third DUI (or a 4th on a case-by-case basis), or DUI probation violation (on a case-by-case basis). DUI Court serves as a constructive alternative for offenders with alcohol and drug abuse problems. DUI Court has a graduated structure and follows specific guiding principles. The program begins with jail time and intensive probation. Williamson County DUI Court is a team concept involving the Judge, District Attorney, Public Defender & Defense Bar, DUI Court Coordinator, DUI Court Case Manager, Probation Officer, Law Enforcement, an Evaluator, and a Treatment Provider who all evaluate the individual’s progress at a weekly staff meeting. DUI court referrals their clients to The Refuge Center for outpatient counseling services.


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