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A full pitcher


A Full Pitcher

I often think of self-care whenever I am flying and the flight attendants begin the safety protocol explanation. A very important point that is made during the presentation is that if you are traveling with a small child, and something occurs where you need your oxygen mask, you must first put on your own mask and then assist your child or those around you who may also need support.  

The same can be said about self-care. In a society of an “others first” mentality, our own emotional well-being can often be overlooked. We tend to get swept up in the business of everyday life, constantly pouring into others until we realize we’re pouring from an empty pitcher; we forget that our own peace of mind is the key to being able to pour into others. In order to be able to take care of others, we must first take care of ourselves; the reason we are told to put on our own oxygen masks first is because if we do not do so, then we can be of no help to those who are around us. So if you’re like me, and you lose sight of what self-care looks like and what its purpose is, I’ve come up with an acronym to help you remember the beauty that is self-care.

Self-care is….

Slowing down

Elevating your needs

Loving yourself

Feeling your emotions

Caring for your soul

Asking “What do I need?”

Recognizing your limitations

Easing your stress

Blog written by The Refuge Center Masters Level Counseling Intern Meg Morton

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