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spring is in the air


The warm breeze, the budding of trees and flowers, and the scent of fresh cut grass, are all signals that a new season has arrived and life on earth has begun anew. During the cold of winter, the earth falls under a dying stillness. The trees lose their cover, the grass fades to brown and ceases to grow, and the animals go inside their homes, leaving the world feeling empty and bare. People go into their houses and shut all the doors and windows, cranking up the heat and preparing to withstand whatever the planet has instore for us. The return of spring for many is a return to life. In our homes, it signals a time to air out and freshen up.

Our homes need to breathe just like we do, as we use chemicals to clean our homes and little things that can get trapped in the carpet. Springtime can be a wonderful time to air out the home and declutter, after a long winter of hibernation. Besides just for our physical health, this cleansing of the home can also have some positive mental health effects as well! Countless studies have shown a direct impact on clutter in the home and it’s connection with increased stress and depression symptoms. A cluttered or messy environment can signal unfinished business to your brain, causing you to not be able to focus and feeling overwhelmed. Cleaning your home can promote a more positive mood and sense of productivity and accomplishment. The old adage of “spring cleaning” can still be something each of us incorporate in our lives as a chance to begin again this season from the inside out.

Blog written by Master’s Level Intern, Christina Reddon

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