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handcrafted transitions


Transition. What a scary word, especially when you didn’t ask for the change to happen. 


Several years ago, we were remodeling a room in our home to become our new kitchen. Unfortunately, due to the age of the house, the new kitchen floor was uneven with the existing floor.  


Every time I checked the progress, I would become concerned over the flooring not being perfectly even. However, the carpenter continually assured me that he would take care of us. 


After the project was complete, he finally added a transition piece to the floor that he handcrafted. This transition piece made what was previously ugly, clunky, and even dangerous seem to come together like a sewn-together garment. The addition to the floor invited you into the new kitchen.


What if the transition that you are in right now is being handcrafted? What if the transition you didn’t expect is taking you into a new room, a new world? This world is in a transition, but what if we shift our perspective and trust The Carpenter to handcraft this moment so that we can experience something new and promising? 


I’m believing with you. 

 If you would like additional support in transitions, we are here to help. Please contact The Refuge Center for Counseling at 615-591-5262 today.

Blog written by The Refuge Center Master’s Level Intern – Matt Wade

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