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Black Friday

Confession: I have NEVER been Black Friday shopping.


Unless you count online shopping, then I definitely have done that in recent years. But I have never been part of the chaos that I’ve seen and heard about on the news and from friends.


This is partly because just the thought of all the crowds stresses me out, but another reason is that my family is always at a cabin, secluded away from all the large stores and busy towns. This tradition means that Thanksgiving has always been a time of re-centering and refocusing. I gain so much energy from simply doing nothing and having no schedule at all (but that’s another lesson in itself).


It has given me the opportunity to step back and look at Black Friday from a distance. I have an outside perspective that many others can’t claim. They are in the middle of it and are caught up in ‘mob mentality.’ You hear stories of people fighting each other over stuff they do not need and on any other day would not be desperately trying to get it.


As I sit here thinking, I realize… Maybe this is what it feels like in your own life. It definitely feels like it is in mine sometimes. You get caught up in the chaos and mayhem. It’s so easy to not see the big picture when you are in the middle of everything.


Maybe this season, you need to take a step back. Maybe you need someone with an outside perspective to help guide you through the storm and the chaos you feel in your life. Here at The Refuge Center for Counseling, we have many therapists qualified to take this journey alongside you. Give us a call at 615-591-5262.

Written by Refuge Center Counseling Intern Madison Swayze