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a pattern of confusion


There is this pattern emerging as I talk to people in session, around the office, or even in the grocery store; it is a pattern of confusion and loss of words to describe what day it is, let alone how they are feeling. We are all very aware of the strangeness and uncomfortableness of this season, but now, after the newness has worn off and the news and opinions change day to day we’re left with a void of surety. “I just don’t know” is the most common response to most questions right now.

Some of us have been given our lives back – time to walk and play with our children, extra money in our pocket. Some of us have been physically robbed of friends, family, and security. Because there is such an enormous range of response to this season it has left most of us feeling lost. So, what do we do with that? How do we make sense and begin to embrace this new normal with hope?

First, let’s just give permission to be right where you are – confused. Our brains are working overtime to process all of the changes and information. Every company, organization, group, family, etc. is in a sharp learning curve. Grace for ourselves and for others as we navigate these unchartered waters is essential.

Second, count the truths. There is good and there is hard, and we have to acknowledge both. If we sway too far into one or the other we’re robbing ourselves and adding to the confusion, because it’s never all or nothing.

Third, speak up. Your confusion can often be untangled when you process it out loud. Additionally, your honesty and experiences can be a gift to another who is confused.

Lastly, let yourself dream. What lessons do you want to carry with you into the next season? Can you start something new with the gift of time and space you’ve been given?

You may see the signs and the hashtags, but do you believe we are actually all in this together? We were never meant to live this life alone, that’s why isolation is so hard and so very confusing to our souls. Reach out, release the confusion and embrace hope for nothing ever lasts for forever.

Blog written by The Refuge Center Masters Level Intern, Katie Day

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