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Sometimes it feels like we can get caught in the mundane routine of everyday life. We may even discover that the things that we used to find pleasurable aren’t so exciting anymore or that we cannot find the time for all of the things that usually fill up our cup.

Below are some ideas to help you create new small hobbies and self-care strategies that can be implemented into your schedule, however possible. Each idea has a helpful tip to make it easier to implement, including if you have a limited schedule or need extra ideas. (Tip: Even setting a timer or time limit to do some of these activities can be helpful!)



Go on a walk

Tip: Moving our bodies is essential to our physical and mental health. Go for a walk either outside or inside! Anywhere from a five minute walk around the block during a short break or a longer walk at a park will suffice. Maybe even invite a coworker, friend, or family member to join.

Get an adult coloring book and colored pencils

Tip: Tapping into our creative side of the brain can help us relax, express ourselves, and heal us in ways that we may not even realize. Activities that require focus and less thought can be very desirable. There is a reason that the arts and play are so important when we are young, so let’s not give that up as adults.

Do a puzzle

Tip: Even by yourself or alone, doing a puzzle can be very relaxing. It is another activity that also requires focus, can help us to push other thoughts aside for the time being, and give us the feeling of accomplishment by the end. If you do not have a puzzle, consider asking a friend if you can borrow one or go to your nearest dollar store. Puzzles can also be fun with someone else.

Cook or bake a new recipe

Tip: Food is one of our basic needs and a not-so-secret love language for many people. Hop online for a recipe search or into a cookbook that you have had sitting around to find a new recipe to try out and taste. Maybe even invite a friend to enjoy it with you or take some of it to someone else to share.

               Listen to a podcast or an audiobook

Tip: Have you been wanting to learn something new or get immersed in a new story? Might as well stop waiting and jump into it! Search for a topic that interests you and turn it on when you’re cleaning, driving, getting ready or any other time that works for you.

Find a new musician to listen to

Tip: Whether you like pop, country, Christian, acoustic, or any other genre of music, there are an endless number of artists waiting to be heard. Try out a new playlist or album to switch up your usual songs and see what else you may like that you have been missing out on!

Plan a day to visit somewhere new

Tip: Whether it be a coffee shop, a museum, a nature reserve, or a new street to explore, going somewhere new can help us get more of the world in our comfort zone and break up the monotony of our routine. You may decide to explore alone or ask someone to join you.

Catch up with a friend or family member

Tip: Building relationships and support is an integral part of life. We thrive on our interactions and communication with others. Maybe call, message, or send a letter to someone you have not talked to in a while. Finding even short time spans between work and activities to speak to those who have positively impacted our lives can boost our mood and help us feel more connected. You may even make someone’s day by reaching out.

Joyful moments don’t have to be loud or abrupt. Joyful moments can be simple and small, and even then, these little bits of happiness can add up and contribute to our wellbeing. Now, get to exploring and enjoying the simple and new.

“Enjoy the little things. For one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

If you feel like you need additional support in your self-care, please call us at 615-591-5262.

Blog written by Refuge Center Masters Level Intern, Sydney Watson

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