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navigating transitions


Navigating Transitions

Transitions. Don’t we all just wish that transitions were more easy and simple? Life can seem like a whirlwind of transitions that sometimes can make us want to just hit the ‘pause,’ ‘rewind’ or ‘fast-forward’ buttons.

Transitions come in all sizes and areas, at different levels, and are always being tossed at us.

If you’re anything like me, you’re wishing that transitions would just stop right about now. But that is the thing with transitions- they are never-ending. No matter how many times life takes a turn on us or the number of significant strides we make, we are always transitioning- whether the transitions are seemingly good or bad. No matter what kind of change or changes you are facing, each one takes time, adjusting, and courage to get through.

Even the good transitions come with challenges. You may be thinking that you should not be stressed or anxious about what you’re going through when you know it’s a positive change that you feel like you should be thrilled about. Or you may be thinking that Susie down the street is dealing with a way bigger and more worrisome change than you and that you should not be so worried about your transition since it is small in comparison to hers. But guess what? Even the good things in life take some adjusting to. It is never an easy thing when life changes, for the better or worse. Your transition is just as significant and worthy of all your feelings, thoughts, and emotions as anyone else’s transition. Listen to yourself. Hone in on what your body, mind, and soul are telling you. Then use that to thrive through your transition and take one step forward at a time every day.

You may be dealing with adjustments that are similar to ones you’ve gone through before or they may be completely new territory. Either way, you’ve conquered ones before, and you will conquer ones now.

You have come this far, and you will continue to grow and thrive through whatever life throws at you. It’s time to look your transitions in the eye and say, “I’ve got you.”

If you would like additional support as you continue to grow and learn, please call us at 615-591-5262.

Blog written by Refuge Center Masters Level Intern, Sydney Watson

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