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messes are okay


I hope that this story resonates with you and brings you some peace in this season of what may be perceived as “messy.”

 The other night I was putting away the delicious leftover homemade soup that I made (I was very excited about my new recipe). I lifted the crockpot, lost my grip, and spilled the soup all over the kitchen (behind the stove and all). After a hard couple of days with what seemed an endless to-do list, my emotions got the best of me, and I got overly upset at myself. (Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t just about the soup.)

My partner so graciously walked into the kitchen with his calm demeanor, laughed it off, hugged me, talked me off the negativity train, and started picking it up himself until I was ready to help. (God, I hope I serve the people in my life and my clients the way that this man serves me.)

 It wasn’t just about the soup. Emotions can get the best of us. Some days are harder than others. Soup spills. And when it does, we clean it up the best that we can (even if some is leftover in spots that we can’t always get to easily, and even if we need to let someone else step in and help).

Hold space for the people in your life that remind you that a mess is okay, laughter and memories can be found in messes, and that messes just take a little patience and cleaning up at your own pace. Soup spills. And that’s okay.

If you would like a counselor at Refuge Center to hold that space for you in whatever season it is that you are going through, please reach out at 615-591-5262. We would be more than happy to welcome you and all of your stories.

Blog written by Refuge Center Master’s Level Intern, Sydney Watson

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