Job Posting: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


– Master’s of Science in Nursing with a certification in Psychiatric Nursing (PMHNP-BC)
-Active license through state of TN (both RN and APN)
-ANCC/Board Certified
-Obtain/manage a supervising physician relationship per TN code annotated
-Maintain malpractice insurance


-Maintain weekly clinical hours

-Submit monthly client statistics by the 3rd of each month

-Facilitate group supervision for interns within rotation

-Provide orientation to medication management program to new interns each semester

-Participate in continuing education opportunities

-Maintain ethical documentation

-Consult on cases for all clinical staff as needed

-Provide medication management to referred clients

-Maintain all supervision requirements

-Manage refills, client needs, and call backs on weekly basis or PRN

-Maintain onsite hours at Refuge for 32-40 hours per week.


-Provide community mental health trainings as needed

-Represent Refuge Center at Refuge events (Annual Conference, Fundraising Dinner etc.)


-Maintain paperwork and submission of grant data annually
-Maintain administrative work for managing practice within Refuge

-Obtain all needed supplies (prescription pads, genetic testing materials, lab needs, etc.)

-Attend quarterly meeting with Clinical Director

-Attend weekly staff meetings

Those interested in applying may send their cover letter and resume to Anita Pringle at

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