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Mother's Day

Like most other national holidays, Mother’s Day is a special celebration honoring someone who is brave, steadfast, and overall awesome! Those types of women come in all forms, whether they nurture their biological child, adopted child, step-child, animal child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend’s child, neighbor’s child, or husband child (Amiright, ladies?). Where would be in the world if not for them?


This blog is for you.


Sure, at times it’s a stressful and thankless job. Yes, you’ve been responsible for more than your fair share. Of course, you’ve handled it like a trooper and done the best you can with a smile…or at least a gritted-grin. We expect that from you! You are our secure base.


According to Circle of Security International, an early intervention program for parents and children, the safe haven you provide will always be there, even as we go off to explore and eventually come home to recharge. We trust that you will be there for us at the end of the day when we need connection and reassurance. You make it possible for us to feel confident in the real world.


We may not show how much we need this in our life. We may not even know we need this in our life. But it’s imperative for us as we develop who we are and how we live that you are still to run back to. We will never out-grow that. Thank you.