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Be the buffalo


From the uniqueness of each tiny fingerprint of a newborn baby to the complex mystery of a black hole, God’s creation never ceases to amaze me. I recently learned a fascinating fact about buffalo. While cattle disperse and try to outrun threatening weather, buffalo instinctually gather together and charge straight into an approaching storm. How can this be? Why would they do this? This behavior seems to go against the innate survival instinct that all animals have, until you understand it.

Unfortunately, by trying to run away from it, cows actually end up running with the storm. This prolongs their exposure to the dangerous weather which leaves them scared, scattered and vulnerable. However, when buffalo sense an approaching storm they assemble, face the storm, and run head-first to the other side. By running directly into the impending threat, they minimize their exposure to harm.

What a magnificent display of God’s creativity and design which offers insight into surviving our own personal storms! We see two opposing behaviors that lead to drastically different outcomes. Two details immediately caught my attention.

  • First, the value found in community and assembling. We were created for relationship. Connecting with others can provide comfort, strength and security when life gets overwhelming.
  • Second, the importance of facing the storm head on. There are numerous responses to a crisis. We can exhaust ourselves trying to avoid it, we can wait it out by doing nothing, or we can acknowledge it and seek support and new skills needed to get through it.

If you are facing a difficult situation you don’t have to endure it alone. The Refuge Center is a community that wants to join you in facing your storm. We can help you find the freedom that is awaiting you on other side. You can reach us at 615-591-5262.

Blog written by Master’s Level Intern, Donna Thompson

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