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how connection creates safety in relationships

One of the primary presenting issues for couple therapy is communication issues. Many believe if we simply improve the way we speak to one another – by using “I” statements [e.g. “I feel frustrated when…”] or being intentional to say a certain quantity of “I love yous” per day – our relationships would become more fulfilling. These are certainly helpful tips, but what if there is a more natural way to improve how we communicate?

The answer is connection.

Sometimes our messages to our partners are surrounded by a cloud of anger or frustration. We often don’t feel safe enough to strip away the foggy outer layer and convey our true message. Authentic connection in relationship, however, creates that safety. Not just safety from physical harm, but emotional safety that allows us to show our hearts. In fact, as we begin to experience safety in relationship, we can’t help but express our hearts. We ask for our needs and wants more clearly, and our partner can understand and accept our experience – now THAT’s good communication!

God created you for connection with yourself, with others, and with Him. If you, or you and your spouse, desire more fulfilling relationships, we would love to journey toward that with you! Please give us a call at 615-591-5262.