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[NASHVILLE, Tenn. January 17] Change Your Brain Foundation, founded by Dr. Daniel Amen, in collaboration with The Refuge Center for Counseling, co-founded by CEO Amy Alexander, LMFT are excited to present Melodies for Minds, an exclusive event slated for February 6, 2024, at the iconic Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jason Wahler – TV personality seen on MTV’s Laguna Beach, The Hills, Celebrity Rap Superstar, Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, The Hills: New Beginnings, and E! True Hollywood Story, among others – announced the event last month. Wahler serves as the Director of Development for the Change Your Brain Foundation, begun by Dr. Amen. This evening promises an intimate blend of stories and songs from some of the industry’s most beloved musical artists including Walker Hayes.

“Embracing mental health is not a weakness; it’s a courageous journey towards strength and well-being,” says Wahler. “It’s an honor to host this event and support those who are struggling in the state of Tennessee.”
“What if mental health was really brain health?,” says Dr. Daniel Amen. “Come join a powerful new revolution where we are going to discard an outdated paradigm (mental illness) that shames and stigmatizes people, and embrace a new brain health paradigm based on science and hope.”

“I am so pleased, expectant, and proud to partner with Dr. Amen and Change Your Brain Foundation to fund scholarships towards total brain health and emotional/mental counseling services,” says Amy Alexander, LMFT. “As an organization where up to 89% of our 4,000+ yearly clients benefit from our sliding scale, we know how impactful this will be for those chosen to participate in this healing endeavor who would not be able to afford it otherwise. Change happens like a ripple effect, and we believe the transformative change that takes place as a result of this partnership will ripple across our community in untold ways. Through Melodies for Minds, a new song of brain health and emotional wellness can sing its way across Nashville and beyond.”

To date, the collaboration grossed over $268,000. Change Your Brain will able to to provide brain scans for 40 clients through the scholarship collaboration and The Refuge Center will be able to provide a total of 796 counseling sessions to those clients! 100% of these scholarships will go to the underserved population in Middle Tennessee!

Walker Hayes, Michael Tyler, Hilary Williams, Lana Scott, and Johnny Dailey all performed at the event.
Melodies for Minds is not just an event; it’s a commitment to change lives. All proceeds will directly fund a joint scholarship program designed to provide comprehensive mental health services, including assessments, brain scans (SPECT), diagnoses, treatment plans, and counseling. This initiative underscores our dedication to making a tangible impact on individuals grappling with mental health challenges.