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what season are you in?

May is the beautiful month where we begin to break away from April showers and begin to greet the warm days approaching when summer is in full gear.  With the sunshine coming out, iced lattes in hand, and sandals on our feet, May is a delight as we escape the cold, dreary winter months.

May is also Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Traditionally, it is a month to speak out against the stigma that accompanies mental health.  When searching the hashtag, #mentalhealthawarenessmonth, you will find countless stories and journeys of those who have chosen to take time for themselves and to dig deep into the seasons that needed attention in order to flourish.

The choice to engage with our mental health is a desire to process our unique “season” of life, and to give it the resources whether it’s in a season of dryness or abundance, withering or blooming.  

As we begin to transition seasons, what season might your heart be in right now and what nourishment, pruning and development does it need? 

Questions to ask are:

  1. What feelings am I experiencing in this season?
  2. What am I encountering in this season? (Life changes, decisions, transitions, etc.)
  3. What do I need to receive? (Resources, guidance, etc.)
  4. What do I need to prune in order to be more fruitful? (Let go, leave behind, etc.)

If you find yourself in a season that feels overwhelming to navigate through or you would like to work through this with a therapist, we would be honored to walk alongside you in whatever season you are in. 

To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 615-591-5262.

Written by Hannah Harriman, Masters Level Counseling Intern at The Refuge Center.