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Hack for the Community 2018

HCA Hack for the Community 2018

In mid-2017, we received an email from our good friends at HCA to apply their yearly Hack for the Community event, which is a 36-hour gathering of Nashville’s best visual designers and software developers to build technology solutions for local nonprofits that will make an impact in our community.

We were honored to be one of the 20 nonprofits selected to participate. On our “tech wish list” were a mobile responsive site and a way to text our clients about their appointments (this is still in beta testing, and will hopefully roll out soon to clients who elect into this feature).

Have you ever looked at a website on your phone or tablet and found it very hard to navigate and read? Our site was like that, till now. It is faster to load and easier to navigate. We are very excited that visitors to our site will have an easier time finding the information they need while on their mobile devices.

Huge thank you to the following Team Refuge Center tech volunteers:

Diondrea Jackson, our team leader from Asurion. Eric Winton, our technical lead, from HCA. Melissa Wheatley, Nashville Software School. Tim Hunt, HCA. Mackenzie Nellis, HealthStream, Scarlette Ritzi, Tractor Supply and Praveen Racha, Jackson National.

Read more about Hack for the Community.

Thank you to these community partners for making this event happen: