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One Column – Ivory color

This is your One Column section. You can choose the Content Width, Alignment (which side or position it sticks to), and Background Color. You can also set it to appear as the header for the next section by switching the Intro toggle to yes.

  • Widths of 10/12 are great if you want the content centered on the page
  • I would use 8/12 for headers over expandable content.
  • If you want the content lined up with the next section(like 3 columns), I would recommend making it 12/12.

One Column – Ice color

The PageBuilder blocks provide you with the flexibility to make each page unique while staying consistent with the design of the rest of your site. You have several options for your PageBuilder blocks. You’ll click on the “Add Section” button or the + sign in the right upper corner of each section to add a layout.

Two Column – Image Left

For the Two Column section you have all your formatting options and can choose any widths for the columns. You can have two columns of content or a picture and content. The pictures used in this section are 1920 x 1080 px or 1080 x  1080 (.jpg images work best and sizes are recommended starting points). If you need a transparent background in the case of uploading a logo, you can use .png files.

Two Column – Image Right

You can use the Vertical Alignment tool to center the columns vertically. Reverse mobile order if the image appears in the second column.

One Column Intro

Tree Background with Following Content Block Section

Note: When using the Tree Background, the content width can be no more than 9 columns and left aligned

For the content blocks section you have various layout options you can select – Images and White Cards. You’ll simply select the blocks per row, layout, and background color.

Content Blocks – Icons

You can add new blocks with the + sign or “Add Block” button. All your formats and button options are still available. You can also change the amount of block by using the Blocks per row slider.


Images & Icons

When you add an image, they should all be the same size within the same content box section. For images you can start with a 16:9 or 1:1 image. For icons, we set those at 135 x 135 px (you have a lot in your library with various brand colors).



I typically recommend H3 for 3 column, H4 for 4 blocks, and H2 for two blocks per row.

Animated Title

Header Goes Here

You can utilize the Animated Block section for any content that you’d like to draw attention to. All your text formatting options are available within this content box.

Small Title

Two Column Overlapping Image

For this section you can select which side the copy should be on, the background color, and image. I used 1920 x 1080 or 1080×1080 px images. For the 16:9 it will automatically crop the image, so make sure your subject is close to center.

The Refuge Center New Office Building

Staff Story

One of the reasons I love working here is the friendships I have made. The friends we make here at Refuge give us a chance to tell our own stories in a safe, non-judgmental environment. I look forward to coming to work each day. It is hard work and it is deep, meaningful work and at times scary work. There is something sacred about a hello, an open door, a smile, a friendly comment. I collect these moments and offerings of friendship and place them deep within my heart. Richard Rohr encourages us, in Immortal Diamond, to, ‘be around people where you can be your true self.’  I think I’ve found my true self here at Refuge.

– Kimberly Kooy, LMFT and Neurofeedback Therapist

Staff Story

I love The Refuge Center because I am celebrated for showing up as my authentic self and am invited to grow in that authentic space.

– Keith Hays (Master’s Level Intern)

Staff Story

I love The Refuge Center because of how it cares for it’s staff – working in the field of mental health is challenging, and having the support and compassion of supervisors has been so healing for me.

– Kaity Campbell (Intake Specialist)

Staff Story

I love Refuge because we have a heart for hurting people and because we care about those who do that work.

– Anita Pringle, Staff Therapist/Clinical Director

Staff Story

Refuge is a community unlike any other…it is safe and connected. There is an intentional focus on excellence, training the next generation of therapists and providing outstanding care to clients on an affordable basis. There are so many opportunities to learn; working together with so many talented therapists encourages growth for all. We work hard to bring healing to clients, we care well for one another and we also have fun. There is no place I would rather be…Refuge truly is a place of refuge for all.

– Tina Taylor Goode, Staff Therapist/Director of Intern Program

Staff Story

It is a privileged to work with so many amazing people here at Refuge! I love the Refuge because of the mission to love and serve those in need of a fellow traveler to come alongside for a season of support and care. Working here is truly one of the deepest joys of my life!

– Leila Borders, Master’s Level Intern

Refuge has been such a gift to me, in more ways than one, and I am thankful and blessed to have been part of its community for the past 2.5 years. It has been both a safe place to land during one of the hardest years, as well as a vitally important part of my personal and professional development. It was also a joy and a gift to be part of your supervision group for much of my time here. I hope to stay connected with Refuge, and am also so grateful for the opportunity it has provided to my mom.

– Angie de Meistre, PMVF

Staff Story

My favorite thing about the culture at Refuge is that self-care is valued, encouraged and prioritized. The statement, “What you do matters, but YOU matter more” is inherent to the culture. As therapists, we cannot do this work unless we have a value for ourselves and our own self-care.

– Kimberly Kooy, Staff Therapist

Staff Story

I am grateful for the family collaboration. A work culture of family collaboration emphasizes a close-knit, supportive environment where colleagues are encouraged to interact like a cohesive family unit. This often involves open communication, mutual respect, and a sense of shared responsibility. It can foster a strong sense of belonging, trust, and cooperation among team members. In such a culture, individuals may feel more comfortable seeking help or sharing ideas, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

– Jimmy Boehm, Staff Therapist/Accessibility Coordinator

Staff Story

What I love most about Refuge is “that every person here TRULY and SINCERELY wants every other person here to reach their own full potential and to be successful and fulfilled.

– Nora Balint, Staff Therapist

Staff Story

My favorite part of the Refuge culture is the calming presence of being in the Refuge center. I am guaranteed to be welcomed with a smile by someone here every day that I arrive.

– Dre Sanders, Contract Therapist

Staff Story

I love the community of our culture. I love being able to pop into friend’s offices and laugh between sessions or consult about a difficult client. It’s a great mix of fun and professionalism.

– Elizabeth Edwards, Staff Therapist/Director of Contract Therapists

Staff Story

Refuge feels like home and place where grace is always extended.

– Amy Holmes, Chief Executive Assistant

Staff Story

I love coming to work knowing that whether I’m having a good day or an off day there will be someone I can laugh with or vent to between sessions. I get to work alongside some of the most caring people who have become dear friends that truly fill my cup with support and connection.

– Michelle Nagy, Staff Therapist, Director of Compassionate Care

Staff Story

Respect and trust are two big words that resonate with me around our culture. Trust, in that I feel deeply trusted to do my job and do it well (vitally important for me personally) and respect in the manner of feeling that we’re all met where we are as individuals (also essential for me personally!)

– Jennie Latimer, Grants Manager

Image Overlay

You can add content with an image in the background. This works best with landscape photography at a 16:9 ratio. I start with a width of 1920 px and you can adjust the height as needed for the composition of your photo. You can select where you would like the copy to appear (left, right, or center).


Client Story

“Include your quote here about a wonderful thing a client said.”

Staff Story

“Include your quote here about a wonderful thing a staff member said.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What formatting options are available to me?

    Each option has things you can adjust like content width or position and a variety of available formats. See some examples of available formatting below.

    Heading 1 – only use once/page in top header
    Heading 2 – two-column, featured content, one column, Image overlays CTAs,
    Heading 3 – content blocks, long headers
    Heading 4 – content blocks
    Heading 5 – Header labels
    Small Title – Featured Callouts, under Main header H1 for subheadings above paragraph text
    Paragraph – body text
    Large Paragraph – short featured body text




  • How do I change the order of PageBuilder blocks on the page?

    To change the position of a PageBuilder block on a page, you can drag and drop the boxes to reorder them.

  • How do I add a button?

    To add a button, write out your button text, highlight it, choose the button style from the formats dropdown and then link it by highlighting and clicking the link icon.

  • How do I add a YouTube video?

    1. Go to the YouTube video you want to include
    2. Click Share
    3. Copy the link that appears
    4. Go to the website page you want to edit and the section you want to add the video
    5. Switch the tab to Text
    6. Paste the link (you do not have to do the insert/edit link steps like a button or hyperlinked text)
    7. Update the page to save edits
  • How do I add a form?

    If you’re using Gravity Forms, you’ll select the “Add Form” button and select the form you’ll like to embed from the dropdown menu. Uncheck the boxes next to display form title and form description.

    Forms must first be created in the Forms section before you can add them to a page.

  • What if I'm not receiving form entries?

    Please notify our team and we can do some troubleshooting to try to pinpoint the issue and find workable solutions to correct it.

    If at any point you aren’t receiving form submissions directly to your email, entries can be checked on the backend of the website if you go to Forms > Entries on any form you have in that section.

  • Where can I add an event?

    You can add an event under Events in the left-hand side menu. There you will be able to add an event description, location, date, time and build out any other relevant details using the PageBuilder blocks on that page.

  • Can I change Event background colors?

    We added an option for you to add a header background color and map background color that you can match more closely with the event brand images. For this, you need to use the dark colors. You have to use colors that you can see white on so that the header text and navigation and logo can always be seen.

  • Where can I add Staff & Counselors?

    Staff and Counselors have their own sections on the left-hand side menu. You can add a staff member in the Staff section or a Counselor in the Counselors section.

    Counselors have specialties and techniques you can assign to their profile. These specialties and techniques will also display in your tooltip list PageBuilder blocks.

  • Can I use any image for the CTA section?

    In those sections, you have to be fairly selective with those photos. Content gets lost if there isn’t enough contrast between the text and background and you have to keep in mind the image is going to adjust as you view it on various screen sizes. We added a few more CTA options in the media library. If you search cta in your media library you can choose one of those for the homepage instead.

Data Slider


Your Annual Income

Your Counseling Session Fee

CTA (H2)

Include your call to action statement here. You can use Large Paragraph or Paragraph depending on the length of the statement.

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