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Accessibility General

Monthly Access to Accessibility- July 2024 

“Ask many of us who are disabled what we would like in life, and you would be surprised how few would say, ‘Not to be disabled.’ We accept our limitations.” – Itzhak Perlman.

One of Refuge’s main focuses is to provide affordable and accessible services to all in our community! Once a month, we will share what is in the works, resources, and tools for your benefit as well as useful for some of our clients.

Did You Know?

The Refuge Center for Counseling offers many intentional provisions to allow our mental health services to be accessible. Some of these include:

-Accessible intake and counseling processes

-Continual training with staff and therapist on disability etiquette

-Hardship grants and sliding scale to limit financial limitations

-Accessible property, waiting areas, offices, etc.

-Translation and interpretation services for over 200+ languages including ASL!

Website-As we strive to ensure that all aspects of our services are accessible, we focused on our new website to ensure that it met and exceeded ADA standards. Check it out here.


Upcoming Refuge Training

Refuge is constantly training staff and therapists on disability etiquette, resources, and approaches specific to disabilities. In July, Refuge will focus on best practices and effective methods with individuals on the Autism spectrum or with an ADHD diagnosis. The training is one of many examples of how Refuge demonstrates a commitment to accessibility and premium mental health services for ALL!


News and Stories

-The quote above is from Itzhak Perlman, a 16 Grammy award winning Israeli American violinist who happens to have a disability. Read about his story here..

-The Special Olympics recently had events around our community. Watch a report about the events here.

-Nashville and its soccer club is bidding for the opportunity to host the 2030 Special Olympics. Stay tuned for further information. Read about this incredible opportunity for our community here.

-Transportation continues to be a worldwide barrier for individuals with disabilities. So, when there are changes in the area’s paratransit services, it is good to be informed. Current information on Davidson County’s On Demand paratransit services can be found here or by contacting the Refuge Center’s accessibility coordinator who is constantly updating resources for clients and therapists.


Catalyst Sports is a nonprofit organization in the Nashville area providing community based adaptive adventure sports for people with disabilities, such as tandem cycling, rock climbing, and running, to name a few. Learn more about how you can connect with Catalyst as a resource referral, participant or volunteer here.


Thank you for taking time to look at these resources and tools. Together, we will continue to serve all in our community, including individuals who may or may not have diagnosed disabilities. If you see or hear about a need that is not being met, please reach out to [email protected]. Your feedback is so valuable!