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close up side profile of woman driving a car

It’s tax season. I know this because I have to complete my taxes. But I’m also reminded of tax season as I drive to work and see the same man dressed as the Statue of Liberty waving around a sign. At first, I felt bad for the guy. But as I kept driving he kept waving and as I kept staring he kept smiling. Amusing. Amazing!

Are you kidding me? I could never. Maybe it’s my pride? My dislike for cold weather? Perhaps the fact that I would get bored? If I’m being honest… it’s my pride. As I drove by day after day, taxman taught me something, nobody’s too good for anything! I was humbled and encouraged.

I recently listened to the Typology Podcast, a show about enneagram personalities. Licensed professional counselor, Michael Cusick, put it this way, “humility is a renunciation of our need to be better or more than we are. And that is absolutely freeing.” It’s not an easy task. Goofily smiling and beckoning hundreds of cars, taxman proved that with humility comes freedom. And who can touch that?

Link to podcast: Title, “The Grace of Letting Go.”