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As a nonprofit, we are often asked about specific immediate needs and how people can help. For almost a year, our services have been in such high demand that we are experiencing waitlists of up to 60 people per week. This is despite being open 71 hours each week—almost twice the average business hours of other places. We are expanding our office in our current location. It will be finished early August. The additional space will allow us to accommodate our ever-growing waitlist and serve those who are in need as soon as possible. As a faith-based counseling center, we desire to serve all who seek help. Our mission is to offer hope to a hurting world. As our ability to serve more clients expands, so will our emphasis of maintaining a culture of connection, continuous growth, and character.

You can help us with your tax-deductible gifts. We need funds to offset costs of furnishing the new space, so our counseling service fees remain affordable for everyone, regardless of income. We also need items such as full-size refrigerator, microwave, Keurig Coffee Makers, and other in-kind donations to furnish our space.

We invite you to be a part of this journey as your gifts help even more people in our community find hope, healing, and transformation from the storms of daily life. Soon, we will have an open house to show off our new space.

Secure, tax-deductible giving site. 

*On Saturday, July 14 from 9am-12pm we are having a work day to put together new furniture. We’d love help if you have a group looking for a great community project.

*NOTE: This expansion is NOT in place of our desire to find a permanent home for The Refuge Center. This is a short-term solution to allow us to live out our mission. Our growth and waitlists only re-enforce the need for our services in this area. We are still proceeding with trying to find land to build our new home. Stay tuned (Want to join us in this journey? Email [email protected]).