Master’s Level Intern

Jesse Penland is a master’s Level Intern studying both Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling at Middle Tennessee State University, where he also earned his bachelor’s degree in organizational communication. He currently serves as president for his counseling program’s chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, a professional honor society for counselor-trainees. Having worked for his local Boys and Girls Club for five years, Jesse is especially passionate about serving youth and adolescents (5-17 years old) but is eager to invite individuals from across the lifespan into deeper, more genuine communication with themselves and those around them.

Jesse believes that we as human beings can learn from numerous versions of ourselves as we continually reinterpret who we are from moment to moment throughout our lives. Growing through those changes, and navigating adversity, is a journey best spent with compassionate company. Viewing each person as the expert of their life, Jesse seeks to walk alongside his clients as he introduces them to a variety of techniques designed to facilitate meaningful self-reflection, heighten self-esteem, and strengthen relationships.