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  • Grieving with Hope Intensive

    Grieving with Hope Intensive, Saturday, August 24 from 9am-5pm

    Group Type: Support & Processing Intensive
    Fee: $300 and lunch is included, financial hardship its available
    Led by: Nora Balint, LPC-MHSP, Gray Hernandez, and Cari Stone

    This day-long intensive is for adults to process grief and honor loss through experiential activities.

    The day will include:

    • Educational information about grief and grief work
    • Activities for discovery and exploration
    • Practices for honoring & remembering, processing, letting go, and releasing what was lost
    • Opportunity to build connections with others on journey of grief transformation
    • A detailed Resource Guide for continued care


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  • Men's Core Emotions Group

    Men’s Core Emotions Group, Thursday Mornings from 8am-9:30am, August 29-November 21
    Group Type: Support & Processing Intensive
    Fee: Cost is $35, $55, and $75 per session and based on annual income; financial hardship is available
    Led by: Pike Williams, LMFT and Kaylin Thistle

    A 10-week group for men using Chip Dodd’s Voice of the Heart. Participants will learn to identify emotions and to use them to process life events and build intimacy in a healthy way.

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  • Groups being offered at a later date:

    •  Men’s Core Emotions
    • Parenting Adopted Children
    • Music Therapy Intensives
    • Women’s Core Emotions
    • Wounded Hearts
    • Parents of Special Needs Children

The Benefits of Group Therapy

The biggest benefit of group therapy is realizing that you are not alone in your struggle. We are wounded in isolation; we are healed in community. Within the safety and trust of a group and led by skilled therapists, you can experience healing vulnerability and authenticity, learn from others, and become empowered for making sustainable changes in your life.

Group counseling session

Group Intensives

When you participate in a group therapy intensive, you have the opportunity to work on your goals at a deeper level because of the extra time provided. Group intensives provide space for noticeable shifts or changes over the course of a half or whole day. Most people who participate in group intensives report ending in a different place mentally or emotionally than when they started.

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Client Story

“I have more hope to have a more full, authentic, and integrated life.”

– Male, 35yo

Client Story

“I learned I can move out of sadness, even if it is slowly.”

– Female, 59yo

Client Story

Anytime you have a place to share with others, it helps show we are not alone.

– Male, 38yo

Client Story

“[I was most impacted by] the feeling of being able to be myself and honest without judgement.”

– Female, 22yo

Client Story

“I am stronger than I know. I can heal from things that feel impossible. My voice matters.”

– Female, 34yo