Supporting Grieving Children

September 21, 2022

Helping your child process their grief now will have a lasting impact on not only them but the people they have relationships with in the future. It can have a tremendous effect on how they handle stress, loss, and other life events in the future.

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The Church and Mental Health

August 29, 2022

The truth is, we all need a safe place to untangle our narratives, and therapy can be windshield wipers for the soul.

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Supporting Kids Through a Pandemic

January 24, 2022

“It’s important to remember that kids are looking to adults to know how to make sense of what is happening around them…”

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How to stay resilient during stressful times

August 18, 2020

A reflection of great teamwork and collective wisdom from The Refuge Center…

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The Importance of Learning to Fail Well

August 5, 2020

So often we find ourselves shielding our children from failure. Have we ever asked ourselves why?

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