Supporting Kids Through a Pandemic

January 24, 2022

“It’s important to remember that kids are looking to adults to know how to make sense of what is happening around them…”

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How to stay resilient during stressful times

August 18, 2020

A reflection of great teamwork and collective wisdom from The Refuge Center…

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The Importance of Learning to Fail Well

August 5, 2020

So often we find ourselves shielding our children from failure. Have we ever asked ourselves why?

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The Power of Play

October 31, 2019

When in the journey to adulthood do we lose our ability to play? When does all the creativity, passion and adventure of our right brains succumb to our logical, responsible and analytical left brains?

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Back To School

August 29, 2018

Now that we have a few weeks under our belts, have you been feeling nervous about being back in school? I am talking to you, kiddos! I am talking to you, parents! My background is in elementary education, and one of my absolute favorite books to read on the first day of school is First […]

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