As humans, connection is a part of who we are.

Throughout the counseling process at Refuge, you will work on understanding and modifying these attachment styles. Depending on the health of these relationships, we form attachment styles such as anxious, ambivalent, avoidant, disorganized or healthy and secure attachment.  This may involve learning to better regulate emotions, improve communication skills, and build trust in relationships.
Ultimately, the goal is to help you develop healthier ways of relating to others, fostering more stable and fulfilling relationships. An attachment theory trained therapist will provide a focused exploration of how early life experiences and relationships impact your current ability to form and maintain healthy connections with others.

Make (and keep) healthy connections.

Change your relationships, change your life.

Counseling Services

We all have different journeys and roads we take towards healing and transformation, so at Refuge, we take the time to specifically pair each of our clients with the therapists, tools, modalities, and resources they need to get to where they want in life. That is why our therapists cover such a wide range of ages, treatments, life stages, and more.

What to Expect

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Schedule an Intake Appointment

The initial appointment with your therapist is called the intake appointment. In order to schedule an appointment, please call the front desk or email us.