What Is Play Therapy?



“Birds fly, fish swim, and children play.” – Gary Landreth

What is Play Therapy and can my child benefit from it? As a parent, perhaps you have found yourself asking this two-part question.

Play Therapy at its heart is a method of therapy that speaks the natural language of children, which is play. As children progress through the different stages of development, they find themselves trying to solve different problems as they relate to the development of their identity. Am I loved? Am I safe? These are questions that we all begin to seek answers from the very beginning.

Developmentally, children are not equipped to utilize the same verbal communication skills as adults in order to work through their challenges. When it’s too difficult to put words to what is going on inside emotionally, they are able to work it out through the medium of play. As a parent, you may find yourself frustrated by this seeming language barrier. A trained therapist is equipped to engage with your child using their own special “language” to work through these hard things. Research shows that Play Therapy is beneficial to children that are suffering from various challenges including anxiety, ADHD, divorce adjustment, trauma, abuse, and loss. Research reveals that play therapy can actually provide a risk-free alternative to medication treatment in some cases.

Here at The Refuge Center for Counseling, we are equipped with trained therapists and two delightful play rooms. Each room is stocked with tools and thoughtfully selected toys for your child to use as they find the healing and solutions that they need and that you desire for them. We are here to serve you and your most cherished loved ones!

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