by Scott Utter, Refuge Center Intern

The Wizard Of OzWhile gathering my thoughts for the Refuge Center blog, a song by The Avett Brothers crackled on the vinyl record player beside my desk:

“I’m warm as a stone.
I keep it steady as I can.
I see pain but I don’t feel it.
I am like the old tin man.
I miss that feeling of feeling.”

In the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, a little girl makes friends with a scarecrow, a lion, and a man made out of tin. Each of these characters possess a unique personal struggle, but for the Tin Man it is his absence of a heart that leaves him in despair. Though he was willing, the Tin Man was seemingly incapable of being vulnerable or expressing emotion. For some people, this character could be easily relatable.

Busy schedules, divorce and trauma are among the countless circumstances that can cause us to become disconnected with our emotions. If you are struggling with identifying emotions or are interested in gaining tools to cope with the ones you are experiencing, The Refuge Center for Counseling is a great place to begin your journey down the “yellow-brick road” to hope.

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