The Importance of Words

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“Talk is cheap” is a generally accepted maxim. While actions sometimes speak louder than words, the way we talk to ourselves and others has an impact.

For instance, the way we talk about emotions changes our relationship with them.

Take the common statement, “I’m depressed.” Notice that whoever says it identifies themselves as being depressed, rather than experiencing depression.

“I’m experiencing some depression,” is a more accurate and hopeful way of stating the situation. The depression exists outside the person and is temporary.

In relationships, the words we choose also change the mood for better or worse.

Consider the difference between, “You’ve got to stop being late. It’s rude and drives me crazy,” and “I felt unvalued when you showed up late. How can we make it better next time?”

If these points resonate with you, take a few moments to consider how you use words. What are some new ways of using words that will benefit yourself or someone around you?

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