Staying Connected

family time

Time Together With Our Family Is Important

For many families today, it seems that staying connected is more difficult than ever. From work meetings, to after school activities, to divorces that only afford weekend time with the kids; finding ways to keep a meaningful connection can be difficult. However, staying connected is essential when raising a family and worth the extra effort to keep it going!
Keep these helpful tips in mind:
  • Make family time a priority. You can even set aside a certain time of the week that is a standing family time, such as every Sunday afternoon. During this time it can be helpful to put distractions (such as computers and cell phone) in a box for a set period of time.
  • Aim to have as many family dinners together as possible. Each person can have an evening where they get to pick the menu!
  • Reach your child/spouse in other ways by sending them an “I’m thinking of you,” type of note. You can add a quick note to their lunch box or even post it on the bathroom mirror.
Make sure that you stay connected with your child, spouse and self. It may seem at times that it doesn’t matter, but it truly does!
If your family is struggling with staying connected and could benefit in speaking with a counselor, contact The Refuge Center for Counseling today @ 615.477.9735.