Stranded in the Sea of Sadness


By Ashley Blomeley, Refuge Center intern World Health Organization predicts by 2030, the amount of disability and life lost to depression will be greater than any other condition. Depression is an international problem with 35 million adults struggling with this at some point in their life. You are not alone in your struggle!

A season of sadness can creep into our life like a thief in the night and take away years of happiness and living. Taking us hostage and leaving us stranded where we feel there is nowhere to turn. Waiting for someone to rescue us and being too tired to help ourselves, we look for answers and understanding in our darkness. Believing that things will always be hard and we will never be able to overcome. Each day gets harder to face and the normal routine a thing of the past.

The waves of despair keep beating down on you. Engulfed in hopelessness, there does not seem to be a way out. Exhausted by your efforts and faced with people that do not understand leaves you wasting your days away. Sometimes it takes going to a dark place and being stranded to reach out for the life float. You are not expendable and The Refuge Center for Counseling can help shine the light in that dark place. To learn more about overcoming your depression, contact The Refuge Center for Counseling today at 615.591.5262 or at

Source: The Depths: The Evolutionary Origins of the Depression Epidemic by Jonathan Rottenburg

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