Be still. Just for a moment. Focus your eyes on the world surrounding you – the depth of colors, the softness of shadows, the intricacy of each uniquely designed object. Tune your ears to the sounds of life all around you. Breath in deeply and slowly; concentrate on the aromas filling the air around you. Indulge your taste buds. Feel the ground beneath your feet, the chair that is holding you up, the touch of your own skin.

In a world so wired for connection, sometimes it’s easy to find ourselves entirely disconnected from our very own world. Through the marvel of technology and heightened access to information, sometimes we find ourselves engrossed in stories taking place hundreds of miles away yet neglecting our own. Sometimes it’s easy to compare our successes with someone else’s before learning all the details. Sometimes tomorrow’s to-do’s make us too weary to finish today’s. Sometimes the “should’s” in our heads become our own worst critic…

If you ever find yourself here, please allow me to encourage you to take a moment to just be. You are worth it. Delight in the world around you and in your unique story that is unfolding even right now. Know that you are enough just as you are. You were designed in God’s image – full of wonder and beauty. Be confident that whatever season of life you are in, it will end and a new season will emerge. This is life and you are living it right now.

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