Reflections – The Refuge Center Travels to Haiti


It’s hard to believe that a few days ago our team was sitting on the front porch of the Hands and Feet Project Youth Village in Jacmel, Haiti reflecting on this work, dreaming of what’s ahead and embracing the bonds that have permanently formed between us.


The trip was so many things. It was big, tiring and heavy; yet full of light, color, laughter, hope and love – so much love.

I wish I could have carried you along with our team so you could have known this experience. So you could know how it will touch places of your heart you didn’t know existed.

I wish you could make the walk from the Port-Au-Prince airport to the van to hear the sounds of men, scores of men, eager to help and desperate for work. Artwork pressed against windows, hands held out to carry bags and pleas for help. They are hungry, in every sense of the word.

I wish you could make the van ride. To take this ride is to be consumed with emotion. Admiration for the clear sense of community. Togetherness, comradery in doing life together. The heartbreak over inequalities that exist in our world. The hope for repair. You are consumed with it all.

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I wish you could reach the Hands and Feet Grand Goave Youth Village and see the sheer beauty of this country. And, be welcomed by the missionaries who greet you with arms and hearts open.

Grand Goave

I wish you could taste the food. The freshness. The simplicity. And, the love that goes into its preparation.

I wish you could drive up the mountain to Jacmel. Be greeted by the missionaries who now call Haiti home – with a capital “H.”

I wish you could see Darbens take steps with beaming pride. Or see Schnaïder so connected and lovingly play with Munchkin, the Village’s pet dog. Or watch Stephania run joyfully through the courtyard. Or, witness Kerby leap into Andrea’s arms with the most genuine love imaginable.

I wish you could have heard the way the Hands and Feet Project staff spoke of the work, of this life, of these children. It is communicated with the purest and most sincere love that exists. Fear, hope and love radiate in every word spoke about these children. In that, there is space for laughter and tears.

I wish you could deeply know the work we are doing with Hands and Feet on Attachment Based Leadership. How these conversations about caring for one another to best care for the children will forever change their future. I wish you could have heard the words uttered, with quiet reflection and a sincere stillness, “This is the chance to change his story.” This change, this healing, is forever.

I wish you could close your eyes in this place and feel the power. Feel His power.

That may happen one day. It may not. But, you can read these words and you can hear from us how honored we are to have been invited in to walk this journey in Haiti with the Hands and Feet Project.

Journeys are not always easy, or comfortable or clear; but, they are important and there is hope and grace available every step of the way.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of our journey. Thank you for your love.

Haiti trip 2014

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