Parenting After Divorce

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Divorce can be very difficult for children. In Tammy Daughtry’s book, Co-Parenting Works, she puts forth a compilation of “tips from a child’s perspective”. This list is from Generation Ex: Adult Children of Divorce and the Healing of Our Pain by Jen Abbas, and appears as this:
1. Don’t put us in the middle
2. Be available. Let us know that we are free to ask any questions, and receive a kind and thoughtful answer.
3. Reflect. Help us learn from your mistakes.
4. Understand that our healing process is different than yours.
5. Adjust for our convenience. Stability and consistency go a long way.
6. Be prepared for a wide range of emotions.
7. Tell us good things about our other parent. We have a right to love both of you.
8. Legitimize our loss.
9. Tell us you love us. Be consistent in your love towards us.

These suggestions can be difficult for the adults in a divorce, yet it is crucial that the children remain the top priority!

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