New Blog Post: How we speak to ourselves really makes a difference


by Missy Curry, Refuge Center Intern

Do you have a difficult time being kind to yourself? If so, you may also have a hard time feeling content or safe in relationships with others. We are all wired with emotion regulation systems that ripple through our bodies to tell us to take action. Our past experiences can teach us to respond in ways due to our over or underdeveloped protection systems. These strategies affect our perception of the world and how we navigate through it. In essence, our systems need to be balanced. Re-awakening our compassion for self can help us feel reassured and calm and can help quieten the harsh and “bullying” voice we use to speak to ourselves. At The Refuge Center, our therapists are available to help you learn a kinder way to speak to yourself and be in relationship with others. Visit us at or call us at 615.591.5262.
Source: Gilbert, P. (2009). Introducing compassion-focused therapy. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 15, 199-208. Retrieved from

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