New Blog Post: Next Steps


by Refuge intern, Angela Davenport

“I led a long and troubled life, most of which never happened to me.”
-Mark Twain, From, The End of Fear by Richard Schaub, Ph. D and Bonney Gulino Schaub, RN

How often are we, in the natural human state, contemplating our next steps, the next set back, and our next reaction? How often are we simply waiting for the next disaster?

It happens more often than not. We as humans were created to respond to fears and obstacles that threaten our security and well-being. However, we weren’t created to live in constant fear, worry, anxiety, and anticipation of the next threat, to constantly be in a state of reactive responses.

where i stand

There are instances that influence us to be in a mode of reaction, but how can we step back, take a deep breath, and differentiate what is a true threat to our security and well-being, and what is simply not a threat? Maybe you’ve begun questioning the motives of others in your life, questioning your actions, and awaiting verification that you were correct in assuming the worst. Are you ready to stop?

As Mark Twain is quoted in The End of Fear, the troubles of life that never happened are the anticipations, the questioning, the reactive state, and the defense mechanisms that have taken over the control of our lives. Are you ready to take your control back?

The Refuge Center for Counseling has a multitude of counselors ready help you take control back from your worries, anxiety, and anticipated threats. We want to walk that journey with you in a safe environment of exploration and self-healing. Please visit us at or call us at 615.591.5262 to set up your appointment.

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