New Blog Post: Facing Difficult Issues


by Missy Curry, Refuge Center Intern

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” is a famous quote from Plato. Being honest with ourselves about all parts of our life—even the sad, lonely, and dark parts—affirms who we really are. Giving ourselves permission to practice self-compassion instead of judging means we cherish our precious gift of life. Sharing times of despair, instead of isolating ourselves, opens us to the gift of listening and caring. What would it be like if you no longer had to conceal your struggles? Do you have someone in your life who allows you to be your authentic self? The Refuge Center for Counseling has a staff of therapists ready to help you face your difficult circumstances with courage, gentleness, and compassion. Call us today at 615.591.5262 or visit us at

be kind 2

Source: Amodeo, J. (2014). Awakening to what’s important in life.

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