New Blog Post: Your Body Knows


by Missy Curry, Refuge Center Intern

Are you always on edge? Can you remember the last time your body was in a state of relaxation? Are you anxious? Or maybe feel numb emotionally? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing symptoms related to a past or present trauma in your life. Trauma triggers our fight/flight survival response, and this overrides the part of our brain that allows us to think clearly. When in this “survival mode,” our bodies are always on alert for danger and this makes us feel tense. The first stage of trauma work concentrates on helping our bodies return to a state of calm through use of mindfulness techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing or meditation. The more these methods are used the easier it is for the body to find that relaxed state. Imagine how differently our bodies would feel if we incorporated these techniques into our daily lives! The Refuge Center for Counseling therapists are available to help you learn to live in a relaxed body state. For an appointment, call 615.591.5262 or visit us at



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