New Blog Post: Balloons and Breathing


by Jenny Matern, Refuge Center Intern

Imagine you are holding a balloon. Now imagine blowing air into the balloon, observe the balloon as it gets bigger and fuller. What happens when you let go of the balloon? It flies about the room in a nervous manner, the air escaping quickly making a loud noise. Now imagine blowing up the balloon again, but this time holding tightly to the top and letting the air escape slowly and calmly.

balloonsNow imagine your stomach as this balloon. Taking the time to breathe in a controlled manner, deeply, allowing our stomach to expand and contract as we breathe slowly in and out. This controlled breathing can be a simple way for us to take a moment and ease our anxieties as we go about our day. If you notice yourself or someone you care about feeling overwhelmed and distressed, pause and picture your stomach calmly inflating and deflating as you breathe and allow your body to relax and your mind to think more freely.

The Refuge Center for Counseling is a wonderful place to sit and breathe calmly as you sort through these anxious moments that stop us in our journey through life.

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