So, let me speak!


by Clint Hamm, Refuge Center Intern

let me speakWait! There’s something I must say,
Words that if left unsaid today,
I’ll go on saying them from here until the end
But, only then, to no one and to no effect,
Because it’s now for which these words are meant.
It’s time sensitive, because, you see, it’s you
And me here,
in place, together: a moment
Not to be reproduced, impossible to replicate,
This day, it has no twin, no partner, no shadow even,
No, here and now stands alone, indeed, single
And stately with
the confidence
Of my grandfather graduating from high school
In his old age, wearing royal blue robe
And hat to match; there’s nothing else in this world
To match this moment. So let me speak.
And please do listen, for today is all
We have each
other, here, these minutes, today
Is all we have, is all we have, now,
May my words be swift, sincere, vigorous,
For you alone, and for me, and no other.


There are moments in our lives that bear great possibility, great potential energy. They are moments that beckon us to action: to movement, to love, to speak up . I do not refer here to epic, once in a lifetime, firework worthy moments. Rather, these moments while they may appear to be mundane, everyday exchanges and opportunities are latent with the stuff of deep life, meaning, and connection. The fact is this: our children need to hear from us, our spouses too. Our friends, our neighbors. We have great power, all of us, in our tiny spheres of influence. We have strength that gets stronger as it is spent on behalf of those around us.

And the catch is this: If anyone needs you or me, their need is for the whole of you and me. Said another way, it is no good for us to split ourselves in half, offering our leftovers to the world. Instead, let us take this reminder that we are important and necessary contributors to the lives of others as motivation to care first for our own bodies and souls, our own mind, spirit, and path.

Tend to your own garden , as the saying goes, and then you will be ready to answer the call of those in need around you. I’ll end with a bit of logic. If there are times when others might benefit from help (your caring voice, support, encouragement) that you can provide, then there are times when you, also, can benefit from the help of another.

We all need help! That’s the good news! And the Refuge Center is here to offer help to you along the way… as you begin to take seriously the great truth that you are important! For yourself and for the lives of others.

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