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  • When I first came to The Refuge Center, I had an eating disorder. Now I am not worried about food or my weight. I am happy and have more joy. I am not worried or anxious.

    Female, Age 17
  • The Refuge Center has taught me so much about myself. I’ve discovered who I am in a bright, new way. I’ve learned how to work through pain of loss, relationship problems, and I’ve learned how to set healthy boundaries. After all, it’s up to me to protect myself. I’ve also learned that I’m not damaged, or maybe I am, but we all are and we all can heal. The Refuge Center has taught me how to take steps towards healing. It’s a journey, but a beautiful one. I’m learning to find joy in the “here and now”.

    Female, Age 27
  • My family and I came to The Refuge Center after experiencing several traumatic deaths in our immediate family.  We were eagerly met with patience, love, concern, and understanding of our situation.  They have offered tremendous guidance and excellent suggestions to help us cope.  We feel blessed that God guided us to such an amazing center!

    Family testimonial
  • I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to have received help from the Refuge Center.  My therapist has been amazing!  When I came to the center, I felt devastated, guilty, unloved and overwhelmed.  My therapist helped me see things in such a different light.  She gave me tools to use and listened to me cry.  She gave me courage and hope.  She truly has been an angel sent to me from God.  As I sit here today, I feel confident and stronger than I ever have!  I am forever thankful for all your help.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Female, Age 40
  • Talking to my counselor has been life changing.  She helped me understand things fully, like with friendships, family problems, and my own feelings and emotions.  I’m really thankful for her help.  Even though I’ve never been to another counselor, I’m pretty sure she’s the best ever!  It’s great to have someone to talk to other than friends and family. Thank you.

    Female, Age 14