Going to Battle


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Going to Battle, written by Refuge Center’s Stacy Klimkowski.

She rises up weary, getting ready to leave the room. What has just taken place feels no less than warfare- having taken up her sword in the midst of combat. Wielding weapons of bravery, truth, and the very hope that brought her here, she continues to call out to the lions of depression and anxiety that threaten to consume her. She brings to light her darkest thoughts, thoughts that relentlessly burn at daybreak, and learns to shatter them with truth. Negative self-talk threatens, and she overtakes them here in this room, carrying with her the munitions that she needs to rise above the ashes of this battle in her world. Slipping on her coat, she quietly exits the room, saying goodbye to her counselor.

Have you ever considered the process of counseling to be that of pure battle?

The first half of John 10:10 says that the enemy of our lives lurks in the shadows waiting to kill, steal, and destroy us. False thoughts, feelings of negative self-worth, and guilt ridden accusations that skip in our minds may seem like pebbles among boulders, but they are the very tools used to sneak in and oppress the power that we possess in Christ to overcome and conquer the battles in our lives. Perhaps you are not taunted by anxiety or self-defeating thoughts, but rather overcome with loss- grief that leaves you wondering why and how your heart continues to beat. Or, an unexpected transition in your life has left you bewildered and disoriented. Maybe you are feeling lost, abandoned, forgotten, confused. Each of these scenarios presents us with a question- how will we choose to fight this battle?

The good news is, is that you don’t have to do it alone. Counseling offers a unique and sacred space where our deepest needs are affirmed. It is a place where we can go to combat against what we know is wrong in our world, lay waste to that which robs us of our joy, and reclaim our territory of clarity and a more meaningful life. However, the best news lies in the second half of John 10:10. Though the enemy of our lives may lurk in the shadows, the verse does not surrender on this thought. It goes on to say that our redeemer has come to give us an overflowing, abundant life! A life lived to its fullest potential.

This kind of life may seem far off. You might feel as if the battle is too difficult, too overwhelming. However, you can do this, and we are here to help. Call us at 615-591-5262. You don’t have to fight this battle alone!


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