The Gift of Sadness

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By Tina Goode, Refuge Intern

Loss is hard, ignoring it is harder.

My father passed away almost 2 years ago and I miss his presence each day.  He has survived 5 bouts with cancer prior to this last diagnosis.  I had been told that when boxers are training for a fight they are taught to lean into a punch if they know it is unavoidable.  Trying to pull away only allows the full force of the opponents punch to land, often resulting in a knockout blow.

Our grief is the natural response to losing something we loved.  Trying to deny our sadness or push through without allowing ourselves the space to grieve only seems to deepen the despair.  Giving ourselves the opportunity to accept and express our sorrow allows us to walk through this darkness into the joy of all that we shared and all the memories we hold in our minds and hearts.

“Sadness gives us the gift of valuing and honoring life.” Chip Dodd, The Voice of the Heart

If you need a safe place to walk through your grief with someone, consider The Refuge Center.  Call us at (615) 591-5262 or visit our website at

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