Do you feel alone?


do you feel aloneThough we live in a fast paced cyber world and are always online, we often still feel alone. God creates us for fellowship, and fellowship is living with each other rather than at each other. This need to know someone else and be known by someone else is hardwired into each of us. The world we live in today allows us to create an illusion of friendship yet we are losing the ability to connect and do real-time, face-to-face friendship. Hearing the tone of voice and seeing the body language communicates so much more than just words in a text message or a post on facebook. Social networking is a valuable tool but it gives a false sense of belonging.

To connect and be in real relationship, we need to find “our people.” A first step in doing this is to recognize our God-given talent and then look for someone who shares this same gift. Start with one person and then build a real relationship with them—find a small group among the larger group of school, church or work. Now we must take advantage of opportunities this larger group provides. We must use the relational bond and connection of the small group to participate in the large group. If you feel alone and would like to be equipped with the tools to connect, contact The Refuge Center for Counseling today at 615.591.5262 or

Source: Braner, A. (2012). Alone-finding connection in a lonely world. Colorado Springs, CO: NAVPRESS.

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