Life offers a lot of opportunities, challenges, and choices. We are each on our own journey, trying our best to decisively navigate in an uncertain and complicated world. We shouldn’t feel alone in our confusion or sadness; these feelings are part of what make us human. However, we are responsible for our feelings.

It can be tempting to point a finger at someone else for not behaving how we would have, or throwing an adult’s version of a temper tantrum – denying the issue, giving up, or feeling sorry for ourselves. But these tactics do us a major disservice. Maturing into adulthood means taking ownership of what is ours to tend, and that starts with our selves.

Having a sense of control over our lives is imperative for psychological well-being. We are the ones who will decide what to do with our difficult emotional states. We decide to give up or to keep walking, even when we feel hopeless. Our God-given ability to choose gives us the autonomy we need to feel engaged and satisfied with our lives.

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