Female, Age 28

When I started trauma therapy at The Refuge Center I was plagued with nightmares, fears, and anxiety. I refused to do EMDR because I was too fearful to truly face the trauma of my past. But my therapist worked hard with me and met me where I was at. In time I trusted her enough and felt safe enough to give EMDR a try. I am so thankful I did! It has been a hard journey – the hardest thing I have ever done. BUT thanks to EMDR, my therapist, and The Refuge Center (who made it affordable to do the intensive weekly therapy I needed) I FINALLY am at a place where my past doesn’t dictate how I view myself or how I live my life. I am not at all the person I was when I started doing therapy here and I will forever be grateful to my therapist and The Refuge Center for all they have done for me!