Male, Age 31

Male, Age 31

During my Junior and Senior year of High School a relationship developed between me and my teacher. At first, she was a voice that listened to me and a friend in which to confide. She mentioned to me that our relationship was special and I began to spend more and more time with her, even at her home before my senior year of high school. Although she was 24 year my senior and married, she approached me sexually and we began an intimate relationship that lasted through the rest of my senior year until I left for collage.  

All of these years I carried around a bag full of guilt over my decision. It was not until I came to The Refuge Center that it was revealed to me that she was a sexual predator. It is not common knowledge that women can be sexual predators. And the fact that she was 24 years older than I, and she was my teacher who was in an authoritative position over me. Unbeknownst to me, she groomed me and brought me into her web. Essentially, I was acting like most 17 year old males would when presented with the opportunity for sex! With this knowledge in my bucket I was able to go down the road of healing.

As my counselor began to work with me we had to unravel a lot of things in my heart and mind. We worked hard every week, both of us. I became more and more confident in who I was as whole person and was able to use the tools that my counselor gave me effectively on a daily basis. She helped me to grieve the process of being sexually abused, something I had not done. A lot will come out of a 31 year old man when he has 14 years of pent up emotions. 

But to be completely honest, counseling is tough! It’s been on the hardest things I have ever done in my life. But it has been worth it. All of the hard work and tears have not been fun or easy. Yet, it has been extremely liberating and life-changing. The tools that counseling has given me will go with me for the rest of my life. I believe that I am completely out of the clear. And I am victorious over my struggles. The fact is: if I would not have come to counseling, I would have never made it this far on my own. It would have been easy to quit at several points along the way, but I didn’t and it is paying off.  I will reach my full potential in life.

I would recommend counseling for any and everyone who is going through a difficult season, no matter how severe or mild. I believe in what they do at The Refuge Center and would recommend anyone to this place.

Female, Age 28

When I started trauma therapy at The Refuge Center I was plagued with nightmares, fears, and anxiety. I refused to do EMDR because I was too fearful to truly face the trauma of my past. But my therapist worked hard with me and met me where I was at. In time I trusted her enough and felt safe enough to give EMDR a try. I am so thankful I did! It has been a hard journey – the hardest thing I have ever done. BUT thanks to EMDR, my therapist, and The Refuge Center (who made it affordable to do the intensive weekly therapy I needed) I FINALLY am at a place where my past doesn’t dictate how I view myself or how I live my life. I am not at all the person I was when I started doing therapy here and I will forever be grateful to my therapist and The Refuge Center for all they have done for me!

Female, Age 27

The Refuge Center has hit the sweet spot of providing affordable counseling that is both spiritual and practical. This combination has enabled me to take steps towards healing that I believe will last. TRC is a place where my faith can be combined with works to produce life in my soul. I find myself lighter and more joyful after each session; more proud of my progress. My counselor creates a space of safety where I can bring my pain, disappointment, apathy, etc., rummaging through the mess of my heart, without judgment. I’m always met with encouragement, understanding, and acceptance. In one of the darkest seasons of my life, TRC stepped in as a beacon of hope, guiding me towards a more whole version of myself. I am extremely grateful to God for that, and it’s icing on the cake that I am able to afford it due to their willingness to adjust to my income.

Male, Age 25

I feel like a different person now than the first time I came in. My therapist helped me find the confidence in myself I needed. It’s great to find a place that gives the help people need and works with them on a price they can afford. A fear of mine when looking for counseling was that it would cost too much and that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. The Refuge Center was a perfect fit for me.

Female, Age 45 (daughter age 12)

The Refuge Center has given me peace during a chaotic time in my life. My counselor that worked with my daughter was amazing. She really helped resolve some issues and helped us both get back on the path of healing. I’m very thankful that they offer a sliding scale which made the sessions very affordable. The Refuge Center I would definitely recommend to someone that needs counseling.