a song by Pat Johnson

Tattered and torn, is this heart of mine
Like a soldier shot to pieces
Dying on a battle line
Though it’s been many years, since you wounded me
I still have broken bones
I’m haunted by memories

You never said you’re sorry
You don’t know
The pain that bleeds inside me, the bitterness that has grown
I thought by holding on
I could somehow make you pay
But after all of these years I’m the only one
Still tied up in chains

So I walk along, some days I barely crawl
Feeling like I’m chained
To a one hundred pound cannonball
This is a disease, fear has ravaged me
It’s locked my heart in inside a cell
I don’t know how to get free


But forgiving you is, is what I must do
If I want to be free
The choice is mine, I’m drawing a line
I can finally see

So I’m letting you go
You no longer control
My heart my emotions
The depths of my soul

You never said you were sorry
You don’t know
The pain that used to bleed inside me
The bitterness that had grown
I’m no longer holding on, no longer trying to make you pay
Cause after all of these years
I’m stepping out of these chains

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