James Trone

February 4, 2014

My experience as an intern was excellent. The Refuge Center was very professional, and the training was above and beyond. The Refuge Center afforded me the opportunity to get as much training as I put into it. The Refuge Center set into place so many tools I use on a daily basis such as EMDR. […]

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Jen Rainey, M.T.S

I have been a Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy Intern since January 2013 and could not imagine completing my internship elsewhere. In my time at Refuge, I have experienced learning, support and both personal and professional growth as I could never have imagined. The Refuge Center has and continues to provide me with an […]

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Sara Cook, MA

My experience as a Master’s-level Intern at The Refuge Center was the most valuable part of my Master’s degree training. The staff was professional, resourceful, and created an environment of open exchange that truly benefited the intern population. The office is highly organized with excellent training programs, additional educational resources, and easy to use forms and […]

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